Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

In a previous post I blathered about defacing toonlet® graphics. That activity was for the purpose of refining the best toons into a cohesive book. The first edition (40pp) is now available for download! Here are samples. The ebook has about 60 strips. It’s a free download for the time being. If you like the . . . → Read More: Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

OAuth: Totally!

What is OAuth, and why should you care? Here’s the deal: Just like Skynet of Terminator fame, web apps have lately been doing a lot more talking to each other on the “back-end” instead of all web communication being between a human and a web app. This is a GOOD thing as long as the . . . → Read More: OAuth: Totally!

Creative Commons License your tweets

This little TweetCC Twitter App makes it very easy for you to license your tweets, according to any of the various flavors of the Creative Commons License. All you do is press the button by your chosen flavor of creative commons, it tweets the appropriate message as a reply to @tweetcc, and then they will . . . → Read More: Creative Commons License your tweets

Twitter Mosaic: Get Yours

After two pretty cerebral hard core posts in a row I’d better have something fluffy, but in a geeky way. So here you go — A Twitter Mosaic. If you have significant friends at all it generates a pretty hefty chunk of HTML code to slap into your blog.

They will put a reduced number . . . → Read More: Twitter Mosaic: Get Yours

Retweet Rank RSS fun

Tixrus (my Twitter moniker) gets retweeted on Twitter from time to time. According to Retweetrank, tixrus is the 84th percentile for retweets.

. . . → Read More: Retweet Rank RSS fun

Try my beta Word Press Plugin

Well, it had to happen. It is amazing that I’ve been using WordPress so long without getting into its guts. While hacking on the Tweet this plugin ever so gently, I started to get the feel for how WP plugins work. So I wrote a couple myself. The first one is serious old school, as . . . → Read More: Try my beta Word Press Plugin

When Monkeys Fly Out My A$$ OR My TweetThis Hack

I was recently reading Guy Kawasaki’s blog post on how he uses Twitter. I was thinking, sure, Twitterfeed is great because it tweets my blog posts as me, but it would be even nicer if my awesome readers had a button to tweet my blog post as them in one click, i.e. without the brain . . . → Read More: When Monkeys Fly Out My A$$ OR My TweetThis Hack

Map Your Tweeple (twitter friends)

{ “pipe_id”: “52c9a16ff593ec43760f996b6e6b5a16”, “width” : “490px”, “height” : “400px” } This is a yahoo pipe that gets fed my twitter name, goes to the public twitter feed, finds my “friends” who have provided geographical locations, and uses that data to map them. Yahoo pipes are amazingly visual ways to build mashups. If you don’t . . . → Read More: Map Your Tweeple (twitter friends)

Typealyzer — Psyche out that blog

Here’s an interesting little very soft-core bit of geekery: Toss the URL of any blog or twitter profile into it and it analyzes the writing and tells you what type the author is. According to Typealyzer my twitter stream is ISTP, while both this blog and my food blog come out ESTP. According to . . . → Read More: Typealyzer — Psyche out that blog

XKCD Burma Shave

@sil tweeted this; blog post kind of an extended retweet:

This one from XKCD resonates with me. I’ll get some original content up here soon I promise. But meanwhile, this one is good. And if you’re old enough to actually have seen *REAL* burma shave signs leave me a comment about where and when . . . → Read More: XKCD Burma Shave

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