Zend Framework and Doctrine

Well it’s looking like Doctrine is the heavy weight data mapping solution of the lot. Zend Framework was often criticized for having no serious Model methods. Models was just sort of where you put your nuts and bolts database code. Some folks like the structure of the Active Record model that you see in Rails . . . → Read More: Zend Framework and Doctrine

How to integrate a jQuery plugin into Yii Framework

I have been studying up on Yii framework as a potential alternative to Zend. It has its pluses and minuses. Yii framework comes with jQuery included at the core. It was ridiculously easy to download a jQuery plugin, drop it in as a black box, follow the instructions for the front end, and it just . . . → Read More: How to integrate a jQuery plugin into Yii Framework

Twitter list apps

They couldn’t be too long in coming! The best thing about Twitter is its API. I was told by someone in the know that 90% of Twitter’s traffic comes through its API, not through people directly surfing it. Anyway, the new lists are GREAT. They should have been there from the get-go but oh well. . . . → Read More: Twitter list apps

Twibbons for Toonlet

Here’s a little Twitter app for you while we all wait for some serious list apps: This one is called twibbon, and what it does is overlays a little icon over your twitter avatar to show you support something. First I placed the zend framework one, then I created my own for toonlet, of . . . → Read More: Twibbons for Toonlet

A sample text widget

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