Tech Support (if only)

This XKCD was too good not to holler about. He just keeps crankin’ em out! And best of all, she’s a girl!

Captcha a la XKCD

This XKCD comes at just the right time for me. I’m struggling with an issue with the Captcha in Yii Framework. In case you didn’t know, the captcha is that slightly distorted codeword that you type into a computer program to tell it you’re a human being. Bots supposedly can’t read them…. Of course . . . → Read More: Captcha a la XKCD

XKCD Nails Linux

Penguins are not big fans of Flash, that’s for sure. But they are a little out of touch and sometimes need a reality check. This reminds me of the old days when you had to do a little dance to get Linux to show the floppy disk icon on the GUI desktop. All I . . . → Read More: XKCD Nails Linux

Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

In a previous post I blathered about defacing toonlet® graphics. That activity was for the purpose of refining the best toons into a cohesive book. The first edition (40pp) is now available for download! Here are samples. The ebook has about 60 strips. It’s a free download for the time being. If you like the . . . → Read More: Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

Multi-tasking is bullshit

How many job descriptions have you seen that says “Ability to multitask a must?” Personally I have always thought that “multi-tasking” was bullshit. Oh, sure, you could have several projects open at once but if you flit tirelessly from one to another, you are engaging in what we used to call “thrashing” way back . . . → Read More: Multi-tasking is bullshit

Weblebrity: How to get Famous in Social Networking


by tixrus

Updated this old toonlet now that we can size them! Wheeee!

Be Helpful Toonlet Take 2: Gender Bender

Helpful Take 2

by tixrus

My daughter claimed that the original “Be Helpful” toon unfairly targeted men as the perpetrators of unconscious assumptions about who would have geek mojo worth paying attention to and and who would obviously not, based on gender. Nope, not really. The perp in the first toon happened to . . . → Read More: Be Helpful Toonlet Take 2: Gender Bender

Social Net Toonlet: Be Helpful!


by tixrus . . . → Read More: Social Net Toonlet: Be Helpful!

XKCD does Windows 7: This resonates

7 is better than Vista? We…eeell, that’s kinda like death being eaten alive by fire ants is “better” than death by being shot by a water pistol until your flesh rots.

Dork Saves the Day

Regex's save the day

Pundits say you should produce original content but people visit when I embed xkcd comics in my blog.

Another fave from XKCD. Gotta love ’em! The thing is, even when a dork such as yours truly actually does end up saving the day with a stunt like this, we usually . . . → Read More: Dork Saves the Day

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