Weblebrity: How to get Famous in Social Networking



Updated this old toonlet now that we can size them! Wheeee!

15 comments to Weblebrity: How to get Famous in Social Networking

  • Hahaha that’s funny but also true. You can’t really “learn” how to become “good at social networking”. You either are or you aren’t.

  • Humor always involves a grain of truth. There actually are best practices, but most of them are common sense. However if you are a social zero offline, most likely you will be one online too.

  • LOL

    @colleen: usually (or stereotypically?), people who LACK offline social life compensate for that with online socialization.

  • Well if you mean hanging out in chat rooms trying to meet girls. But that usually brings them less than success.

  • Colleen, I agree with you that in most cases that someone who is a zero offline, will very likely be a zero online. There is a big difference between being “Six foot tall and driving a corvette” in a chat room to meet girls and being socially successful online.

    Often, they are mutually exclusive, although not always.

  • Indeed, and the numbers don’t tell the whole story. I just read recently of a guy who had 20,000 facebook friends. However he lives in his parents’ basement, looks like a slug, and spends his friday nights accumulating more “friends.” What is the point?

  • @colleen – I believe the point is for spamming or making himself feel better.

    If you are charismatic in real like you probably will be online aswell

  • Facebook and other social networking sites are great up to a point – but no substitute for face to face contact with actual friends! Nobody can really have 20,000 friends despite what their FaceBook profile may say!

  • Majority of people commented that a person who is dumbo offline he is dumbo online too. I don’t agree to this, because I have seen many people who are having negligible offline contacts but when it comes to online activities on facebook, linkedin etc. then they are genius over there. Its just a matter of time and your tactics.

  • All Social Media depend unique view and discussion only need skill to attract people because lot of people participating in SM.

  • admin

    Laptop: no doubt by spending a lot of effort at it anyone can create a huge maelstrom of activity online. But what does it really accomplish?

  • Thats so funny dear.. on a serious note its true also,i dnt think u cn learn hw 2 become good at social networking..

    have heard dat Facebook and Social Networking sites are gr8.. bt personally i never use all these…

  • Very creative assumption it is 🙂 LOL quite interesting way to get famous in SM

  • Online interactions are getting more and more personal as technology increases. For example- Instant messaging vs Video Chat.

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