XKCD Nails Linux

Penguins are not big fans of Flash, that’s for sure. But they are a little out of touch and sometimes need a reality check. This reminds me of the old days when you had to do a little dance to get Linux to show the floppy disk icon on the GUI desktop. All I know is, I’m gonna have to go out and buy another 1024 CPU’s to test this new capability……..NOT!!!!!

5 comments to XKCD Nails Linux

  • Andrew Brinkworth

    As a website designer, (A bad one at that), I have always spent hours making my sites look absolutely perfect. Finally done, satisfied, and ready to move on, I hesitantly take a look at how it looks on other browsers and versions. It is then I curse God, Microsoft, and Steve Jobs! Back to the drawing board. There have definitely been days when I simply wanted to tell Explorer users and Apple users to upgrade to Firefox, in the end I go back and redo it all over again.
    Great post, Let’s keep everyone included in the system,
    Andrew Brinkworth

  • Ya, Linux is definitely not the operating system for the masses. Really outside of programmers and software engineers, I’m not really all that sure who would even use a Linus machine.

  • I hesitantly take a look at how it looks on other browsers and versions.

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