Multi-tasking is bullshit

How many job descriptions have you seen that says “Ability to multitask a must?” Personally I have always thought that “multi-tasking” was bullshit. Oh, sure, you could have several projects open at once but if you flit tirelessly from one to another, you are engaging in what we used to call “thrashing” way back . . . → Read More: Multi-tasking is bullshit

Ticket Mastery

Ticket Mastery

by taterprint

Any black humor about the business of ticket reselling resonates with me. I found this one today (this is not one of mine but I wish it was!) and it’s so true. There are so many sleazy backroom deals and stuff that goes on related to ticket sales that . . . → Read More: Ticket Mastery

OW! Zend Framework bit me OR Careful with that config

Ouch! I just solved a puzzling error in Zend Framework. It was telling me that I had an illegal file name. While the trace never did point to the exact line in my code that triggered it, it clearly had something to do with a PDO_SQL database.

I checked the database file and . . . → Read More: OW! Zend Framework bit me OR Careful with that config

Weblebrity: How to get Famous in Social Networking


by tixrus

Updated this old toonlet now that we can size them! Wheeee!

OAuth: Totally!

What is OAuth, and why should you care? Here’s the deal: Just like Skynet of Terminator fame, web apps have lately been doing a lot more talking to each other on the “back-end” instead of all web communication being between a human and a web app. This is a GOOD thing as long as the . . . → Read More: OAuth: Totally!

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