Zend Framework and Doctrine

Well it’s looking like Doctrine is the heavy weight data mapping solution of the lot. Zend Framework was often criticized for having no serious Model methods. Models was just sort of where you put your nuts and bolts database code. Some folks like the structure of the Active Record model that you see in Rails . . . → Read More: Zend Framework and Doctrine

Alternatives to Zend Framework

I am currently feeling very conflicted about Zend and everything associated with it. I heard a statement the other night by a guy who was talking about CakePHP that hit the nail on the head. Paraphrasing what he said,

“There is nothing wrong with Zend Framework, but you just get this feeling with Zend . . . → Read More: Alternatives to Zend Framework

Zend Tool bug and work around

I have fired off the new Zend Framework tool several times now to automatically create a scaffolding for a new project. It’s pretty handy, though for a lot less work they could have just included a premade scaffolding in the download. The Zend Tool is fairly new and evolving, and will only get stronger . . . → Read More: Zend Tool bug and work around

OW! Zend Framework bit me OR Careful with that config

Ouch! I just solved a puzzling error in Zend Framework. It was telling me that I had an illegal file name. While the trace never did point to the exact line in my code that triggered it, it clearly had something to do with a PDO_SQL database.

I checked the database file and . . . → Read More: OW! Zend Framework bit me OR Careful with that config

Back at the Zend Framework… finally!

Warning: HARD CORE DORKAGE!!!! I hope beyond all the hope that I have obtained the book that will drag me over the learning curve for Zend Framework for real. The book I am referring to, Zend Framework In Action by Allen, Lo & Brown, was meant to come out in September, but it finally . . . → Read More: Back at the Zend Framework… finally!

Internationalization Work Flow with poedit

Internationalization (i18n) has come a long way since I wrote my first multilingual website way back in 2000. In that era, we just swapped out entirely different sets of templates, which, of course, made it very difficult to keep the two sets in synch.

With the Zend_Translate module of Zend Framework, it is . . . → Read More: Internationalization Work Flow with poedit

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