Zend Tool bug and work around

I have fired off the new Zend Framework tool several times now to automatically create a scaffolding for a new project. It’s pretty handy, though for a lot less work they could have just included a premade scaffolding in the download. The Zend Tool is fairly new and evolving, and will only get stronger . . . → Read More: Zend Tool bug and work around

Inane comments are history

This blog is a thinking person’s blog. Yeah, I know, that really limits the readership, but so be it. Akismet is very good at getting the obvious spam comments. It’s even started flagging comments where the robot just picks a tag out of the blog’s tags and autocomments a slightly more targeted statement generally related . . . → Read More: Inane comments are history

Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

In a previous post I blathered about defacing toonlet® graphics. That activity was for the purpose of refining the best toons into a cohesive book. The first edition (40pp) is now available for download! Here are samples. The ebook has about 60 strips. It’s a free download for the time being. If you like the . . . → Read More: Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

Thinking outside the frame with toonlet®

I’ve been known to feature a toonlet® web comic in my blog from time to time. “What is a toonlet®?” you ask. toonlet.com® is the brainchild of Craig Schwartz and Seth Ladygo. It is essentially a Mr. Potato head inspired web toon toolkit that also adds 21st century features like resizing, rotation and repositioning. . . . → Read More: Thinking outside the frame with toonlet®

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