Laugh Poop and Die: A Toonlet Comic that Won’t Give you Diabetes

lpd-smallIn a previous  post I blathered about defacing toonlet® graphics.  That activity was for the purpose of refining the best toons into a cohesive book.  The first edition (40pp) is now available for download! Here are samples. The ebook has about 60 strips. It’s a free download for the time being. If you like the book, I would appreciate it if you would blog or tweet about it with a link back to this blog post. Enjoy!


Sugar Free Toonlet Ebook

Sugar Free Toonlet Ebook

My toonlet ebook does not claim it will give you six-pack abs, turn you into a stud muffin, make you a million dollars by selling ebooks on how to make a million dollars to chumps unlike yourself (of course), or cure your GERD. However, it might make you chuckle, which is a very positive and healthy thing. I absolutely guarantee it will not give you diabetes! If my ebook prevents you from buying ONE box of toxic sugar wieners, I will have done you a huge favor!

P.S. If the toons embedded in this blog post are difficult to read, click them, they all link back to their home at toonlet.

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