Typealyzer — Psyche out that blog

Here’s an interesting little very soft-core bit of geekery: Typealizer.com. Toss the URL of any blog or twitter profile into it and it analyzes the writing and tells you what type the author is. According to Typealyzer my twitter stream is ISTP, while both this blog and my food blog come out ESTP. According to . . . → Read More: Typealyzer — Psyche out that blog

Using Blogger as a front end

One of my web developer friends evolved her own custom CMS several years ago, when there the opensource CMS’s (a la Drupal, Joomla, et al) were not nearly as good as they are now. In the past few years many of her clients have wanted to start blogs. Writing her own blogging module seemed a . . . → Read More: Using Blogger as a front end

wsdl2php Web Services Proxy Class generator

Warning: This is hardcore dorkage, not some soft core widget for your blog. You have been warned. Go browse Youtube cat videos now if your brain is easily overwhelmed.

. . . → Read More: wsdl2php Web Services Proxy Class generator

A Capella Tribute to John Williams

A truly creative piece of Youtubery. And come on, this is very very geeky, and the geek actually has a nice voice!

A sample text widget

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