Pssssst! Wanna learn JQuery?

One of the reasons why I always cringed from web front end in the past is that presentation is so “dirty.” We have all felt the flames.

HTML was never really designed as a presentation language confusion of XHTML validations and the different DOCTYPES CSS is supposed to be for design browser wars and their . . . → Read More: Pssssst! Wanna learn JQuery?

No LUV in Tinytown

Google sucked away my LUV! Sorry!

With a heavy heart I disabled commentluv and Dofollow on Hot Dorkage. See the two post series below for why.

. . . → Read More: No LUV in Tinytown

Adjix: Monetize your shrinkage

Is “shrinkage” ever a good thing? Actually, Jerry Seinfeld notwithstanding, yes! If you don’t know about shrinkage as it applies to the internet, learn the basics first , then come back and learn how to make money with it. I’ll wait.

There are rumblings that TinyURL, the oldest and probably most . . . → Read More: Adjix: Monetize your shrinkage

Dork Saves the Day

Regex's save the day

Pundits say you should produce original content but people visit when I embed xkcd comics in my blog.

Another fave from XKCD. Gotta love ’em! The thing is, even when a dork such as yours truly actually does end up saving the day with a stunt like this, we usually . . . → Read More: Dork Saves the Day

Dofollows Part II

This post started as a follow-on comment to my post “Not All Dofollows are created Equal,” but it started to get long and linky, so it became a new post. In the previous dofollow post, I was wondering why, given the number of comments I write on other blogs, I get so few inbound . . . → Read More: Dofollows Part II

Funny… or just spooky?

The other day for no apparent reason I was reminded of a fleeting memory I have from when I was about four and I was at my cousins’ watching a rerun of The Jetsons.

Anyway, Jane Jetson AKA Mrs. Jetson says, “children, don’t bother your father now. You know he’s been working HARD at the . . . → Read More: Funny… or just spooky?

Not all dofollows are created equal

I comment on plenty of of blogs. I never noticed my comments scoring me serious incoming links on my WP dashboard, even from so-called “dofollow” blogs. That’s what dofollows are meant to do — increase your incoming link count, and ultimately bump your Google PR.

. . . → Read More: Not all dofollows are created equal

SEO Automatic: awesome free SEO analysis

This amazing free SEO analysis website deserves more than just a feeble fleeting tweet lost among all those 500 lb. canaries on Twitter. The mostly nontechnical website owners in our local Etailing group really liked it. Why? Because it not only flags SEO issues, but it tells you in non geek what you can do . . . → Read More: SEO Automatic: awesome free SEO analysis

When Monkeys Fly Out My A$$ OR My TweetThis Hack

I was recently reading Guy Kawasaki’s blog post on how he uses Twitter. I was thinking, sure, Twitterfeed is great because it tweets my blog posts as me, but it would be even nicer if my awesome readers had a button to tweet my blog post as them in one click, i.e. without the brain . . . → Read More: When Monkeys Fly Out My A$$ OR My TweetThis Hack

User Interface Matters

One of my good friends related a story to me about some of the earliest Hewlett Packard programmable calculators in the early 80’s. When engaging in lengthy number crunching, the calculator would print “crunching” (or processing, or something) on the display, and every few seconds it would add a dot, so the user would know . . . → Read More: User Interface Matters

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