Dofollows Part II

This post started as a follow-on comment to my post “Not All Dofollows are created Equal,” but it started to get long and linky, so it became a new post. In the previous dofollow post, I was wondering why, given the number of comments I write on other blogs, I get so few inbound . . . → Read More: Dofollows Part II

I want you on my LAN

I wrote these lyrics to the tune of “I wanna hold your hand” by the Beatles, with all due credit to them. The purpose was to teach a class of bright youngsters how Ethernet networking works at the hardware level. I thought that my hot dorkage readers might enjoy them. It’s all as true now . . . → Read More: I want you on my LAN

How to tell your neighbors your web exists

Do you ever want to know who your blogging neighbors are? Or websites geographically near you in general? Even better, would you want an easy way for them to find you? GeoURL is here to help. GeoURL asks you to place two metatags in the head of your website and it helps you generate them . . . → Read More: How to tell your neighbors your web exists

A sample text widget

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