Booby Trap your Email: catch common snoops

THIS ARTICLE IS NOT SERIOUS DORKAGE. ANYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO IT. You’re probably here because you suspect someone (parent, spouse, sibling, roomate, etc.) is reading your email. That’s the problem. Before I describe the booby-trap I will insert this caveat: Problems like this are best avoided from the get-go. Did you ever . . . → Read More: Booby Trap your Email: catch common snoops

Pssssst! Wanna learn JQuery?

One of the reasons why I always cringed from web front end in the past is that presentation is so “dirty.” We have all felt the flames.

HTML was never really designed as a presentation language confusion of XHTML validations and the different DOCTYPES CSS is supposed to be for design browser wars and their . . . → Read More: Pssssst! Wanna learn JQuery?

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