Dofollows Part II

This post started as a follow-on comment to my post “Not All Dofollows are created Equal,” but it started to get long and linky, so it became a new post. In the previous dofollow post, I was wondering why, given the number of comments I write on other blogs, I get so few inbound . . . → Read More: Dofollows Part II

Lolcatese — u lerns it or eatz mai dust sucka

Lolcatese — is it becoming the new internet pidgin? Perhaps first exclusively written language? Lolcatese is named after the acronym LOL, which is Textese for “laughing out loud.” Textese is a thing distinct from Lolcatese. The purpose of Textese is to transmit the message with the fewest number of keystrokes. Lolcatese and Textese have . . . → Read More: Lolcatese — u lerns it or eatz mai dust sucka

Eleven Signs that your blog sucks

Stumblers, readers, friends, and surfers, I beg your indulgence just this once. Permit me to take a break from providing you the high quality dorkage that you’ve come to take for granted and let off a major bitchy rant. If I don’t do this I’m going to blow a gasket! What’s causing my consternation? Rampant . . . → Read More: Eleven Signs that your blog sucks

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