Please Excuse our mess

I upgraded from my own home brewed wordpress mu to 3.0 RC3 with multi. They implement multi in fundamentally differenent ways than I did, and I needed to also move some other non blog projects on the dorkage domain around. Needless to say, there will be a few glitches and I don’t have huge chunks of time or spare servers to make everything seamless. So please bear with the mess, but in the end, I’ll ditch that old tired hacked up Tigopedia theme and bring you something a bit more stylish. Meanwhile if you have a theme to suggest, by all means leave a comment. Now I gotta go turn Akismet back on. I got more spams in 15 minutes it was off than I normally get in a week. It’s like a lot of spambots can tell you have Akismet going and they don’t even bother.

3 comments to Please Excuse our mess

  • No problem, it is always a little bit a mess when you make one of the bigger updates of wordpress. But the new version has a lot of advantages, also for the readers of your blog. So thank you for updating to the all new wordpress version and keep on blogging 🙂

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