Anyone who tweets or sends URL’s in emails likes short URL’s for different reasons. Twitter users like ’em because of the 140 char limit for tweets. You don’t want to use all 140 chars allocation on some hairy ugly URL–you also need a few to hint what it IS! Programmatic email senders like ’em because . . . → Read More: TinyURL API

So glad I don’t work in a cube anymore

Apparently captured from a workplace monitor security camera somewhere in Russia a few months back. I don’t even know what that guy was so worked up about but I sympathise. Being in a cube is not a whole lot different than being in prison.

. . . → Read More: So glad I don’t work in a cube anymore

SubPrime Mortgage Primer

CDO Powerpoint SubPrime Primer – Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: CDO Powerpoint SubPrime Primer

Are you confused about the financial crisis in the USA that threatens to cause a global recession? So was I until I saw this humorous, but spot on presentation of how it all works. It’s . . . → Read More: SubPrime Mortgage Primer

Blogging is the Root of all Evil

I don’t usually embed YouTubes with no original content, but this one is just too funny.

It’s enough to make me stop blogging.

Website Grader gives your website a score

A snapshot of my wsgrader badge

Did you ever wonder how good your website or blog was? There seems to be nothing site owners like better than analyzing and measuring their websites. I ran mine through website grader (part of hubspot, NOT hubpages) and came out with a score of 91. That’s a percentile. . . . → Read More: Website Grader gives your website a score

How to increase your blog fan base

Quick fix eye-candy comic to placate you …. from xkcd

Ho hummmmmm…… It’s high time I did another post in this sleepy little blog that only eight really cool people read regularly. There are over six billion people in the world, and 1 billion of them have internet. But there aren’t that many really . . . → Read More: How to increase your blog fan base

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