Column Comments in MySQL

A while back I was lamenting that table comments in MySQL get overlooked, and did a post on it, both how to create them, how to update them, and how to view them. The fact that my table comment post remains quite popular indicates that mySQL hasn’t SEO’d their pages on it thoroughly enough, . . . → Read More: Column Comments in MySQL

How to create and maintain table comments in MySQL

How to create, see and update table comments so your database scheme is somewhat self documenting . . . → Read More: How to create and maintain table comments in MySQL

Move over Dilbert…. uh… (sort of)

I was just surfing around the startupalooza website for who’s coming to Portland and I ran across the toonlet site. I remember writing a Mr. Potato head stack in Hypercard many years ago and it was a lot of fun. I’d seen others as well, desktop toys for Windoze and Mac, all along the . . . → Read More: Move over Dilbert…. uh… (sort of)

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