Working Turing Machine

This is just too cool, and true geeks will instantly get why.

4 comments to Working Turing Machine

  • Ah – my first thought when I saw the title was that a machine had been built that passed the Turing Test (artificial intelligence) as opposed to what’s actually here – computable numbers. Excellent video though, and I wish I had the skills to build a machine as cool as that!

  • If you want to see an actual reconstruction of Alan Turing’s Colossus ‘Computer’, used to break German codes in WWII- then there is one at Bletchley Park – it fills an entire room.

  • Cool machine! However, I’m still clueless about the use of the machine to be honest.

  • admin

    well a turing machine is the basic computing engine that can in theory solve any computable problem.

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