Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki

I have been an admirer of Guy Kawasaki for over 20 years, since I first saw him in person at a local Macintosh user group back in his Apple days. I liked the way Guy talks straight without any of what he calls “bull shiitake.” I remember reading and using some of Guy’s Guerilla marketing . . . → Read More: Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki

XKCD does Windows 7: This resonates

7 is better than Vista? We…eeell, that’s kinda like death being eaten alive by fire ants is “better” than death by being shot by a water pistol until your flesh rots.

Try my beta Word Press Plugin

Well, it had to happen. It is amazing that I’ve been using WordPress so long without getting into its guts. While hacking on the Tweet this plugin ever so gently, I started to get the feel for how WP plugins work. So I wrote a couple myself. The first one is serious old school, as . . . → Read More: Try my beta Word Press Plugin

Column Comments in MySQL

A while back I was lamenting that table comments in MySQL get overlooked, and did a post on it, both how to create them, how to update them, and how to view them. The fact that my table comment post remains quite popular indicates that mySQL hasn’t SEO’d their pages on it thoroughly enough, . . . → Read More: Column Comments in MySQL

SSL Vulnerability alert!

Why should you care about a vulnerability in SSL? What is SSL anyway? Well…..if you never bank online or buy anything online, you’ve no cause for concern. But if you do, please at least read the takeaway action item, OK?

The whole ecommerce sector relies on the secure sockets layer (SSL) for encryption of transmissions . . . → Read More: SSL Vulnerability alert!

Wow! Alien Communication Decoded

Used with permission I’m hard at work on Zend Framework, so don’t have much original to say today, except that I did discover a new cartoon strip called It is a la XKCD. The drawing is a little better, but that’s not saying much, as you know if you are familiar with XKCD. . . . → Read More: Wow! Alien Communication Decoded

Utterli: Twitter with media

Utterli seems like a lot like Twitter at first glance. The difference is that you can post voice messages, video, or stills directly to it from your mobile.

. . . → Read More: Utterli: Twitter with media

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