XKCD does Windows 7: This resonates

7 is better than Vista? We…eeell, that’s kinda like death being eaten alive by fire ants is “better” than death by being shot by a water pistol until your flesh rots.

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  • hahaha Looking so funny dude….

  • hi Colleen,
    Thanks for the good belly laugh! That cartoon sums it up!
    I’m still on XP and have my fingers crossed to “windows 7”. I hope my wait has not been in vain!
    ~ Steve, XP user and purveyor of fine trade show booths

  • Very Funny… maybe you should put that on t-shirts…

  • admin

    I’m goin OSX in March (hope hope) when this financial thing is supposed to happen so some resources are freed. X ur fingers that the economy doesn’t banjax it. Back when Apple had proprietery OS, hard core geeks laughed at Macs. Now I find virtually all creative people and a huge number of geeks preferring Mac for workstation and Linux for server. My main WS is Ubuntu and I have kept XP on my laptop as well. Sometimes I miss out on Windows-only stuff. Usually I don’t care. I look forward to brushing up my Mac chops. It’s been nearly 8 years.

    And KDL: The cartoon is syndicated from XKCD with permission. Go to XKCD.com – they do T-shirts of fave cartoons. I think this one is destined to become a fave, it takes a while before they know and this one is obviously pretty recent. I know they have a T-shirt of the regex one that I featured here a while back. My fave shirt of theirs is one that says Science: It works bitch. and on the back some kind of mathematical graph. AND IT COMES IN WOMEN’S STYLES! (Dealbreaker for me, I only wear shirts shaped like ME.) Some day I’ll do a blog post that’s a slide show of me modeling all my geeky clothes and toys.

  • This is very funny 🙂

    I’ve just upgraded my computer to Vista and so far I did not encounter any problems. I think Windows will be ok.. I’ll wait for the final release.

  • LoL… 😀

    This is very entertaining. I really laugh out loud here. For me Vista is now getting better because of all the updates. I’m using Vista for over 4 months now and it seems that is getting on track now.

  • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa very funny.

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