Dynamic CSS files

I had always wished CSS files weren’t so static so you could do different things at runtime. It turns out you can do it, but exercise common sense. The exact plan you take depends on how often the CSS “variables” change value. If it’s not too often you might want to “precompile” the style files . . . → Read More: Dynamic CSS files

PHP Elephant Plarn Geek Backpack

Here is my latest geeky plarn project. It’s been a long time in the making. I’m very proud of how long it took me to get enough bags to do this project, and I have to say I didn’t even get all of them myself. I fashioned the bag as a backpack rather than . . . → Read More: PHP Elephant Plarn Geek Backpack

Lingering reservations about ORM

I have always had reservations about locking myself into a strict Object Relational Model scheme for the same reason I have been allergic to Windows. I was never able to articulate exactly why but my friend Juozas Kaziuk─Śnas has brought it into sharp focus in his latest blog post on Doctrine.

Here’s the deal: . . . → Read More: Lingering reservations about ORM

A sample text widget

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