PHP Elephant Plarn Geek Backpack

PHP Elephant Plarn BackpackPHP bag back viewphp-backpack action shot Here is my latest geeky plarn project. It’s been a long time in the making. I’m very proud of how long it took me to get enough bags to do this project, and I have to say I didn’t even get all of them myself. I fashioned the bag as a backpack rather than a shopping bag so I could operate it hands-free. I got the straps too long, so I just tucked up the extra strappage. I can always undo that if a larger person ever uses the backpack. My try at doing the PHP elephant was a limited by the resolution of this large needle knitting. Also he had to be vertical, and he had to be across the short way so that he would have the right orientation and so that he wouldn’t be covered up when the top is closed. I have the pattern I created for the elephant if anyone really wants it. You could probably improve it with a slightly finer resolution–I only had 30 st of width to work with.

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