How to make MySQL spit out CSV’s

Don’t you hate it when you know you solved a problem three years ago but you can’t remember what the solution was? I ran into that recently. I was trying to make mysql generate a csv directly from query results. I remembered that you can do it, and I had an example of the correct . . . → Read More: How to make MySQL spit out CSV’s

Tux Geekcraft Plarn Bag

Remember my Tux mittens that I knitted last winter (which would have been summer if I had been in Australia then?) They are kewl but I don’t often have cause to wear mittens, and they don’t actually fit me on top of that–the assumption of the design was that geeks are MALE with male-sized hands. . . . → Read More: Tux Geekcraft Plarn Bag

How to access ext2 FS from WinXP and Leopard

Here’s the scenario: I’m trying to get data together from several old hard drives that are laying around. Some of them are dual boot Linux ext2 and a variety of Win’s all the way back to 2000. Then I have a fairly large drive that is pure ext2. I don’t want to haul the weight . . . → Read More: How to access ext2 FS from WinXP and Leopard

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