Tux Geekcraft Plarn Bag

Remember my Tux mittens that I knitted last winter (which would have been summer if I had been in Australia then?) They are kewl but I don’t often have cause to wear mittens, and they don’t actually fit me on top of that–the assumption of the design was that geeks are MALE with male-sized hands. I don’t think my husband would wear mittens with a cute avian, other than from time to time to please me, as the people he knows would not “get” it, and they’d think why is this distinguished gentleman sporting handwear for children?

Well now I made something that I can take everywhere, any time: a plarn* bag with Tux on it. This combines my interest in keeping plastic out of the landfill with my love for all things Tux. I adapted the pattern from the mitten pattern, added an additional color (or colour, as they spell it in Oz) and voila! It was a tad tricky to knit with four colours but I’m a geek and I’m about solving problems, and so I managed.

If you would like to make one of these I assume you must be at least part geek. You can combine my basic plarn bag pattern with the mitten pattern mentioned earlier. I warn you it is quite tedious and slow going if you use my colour scheme–it might be easier if you make the background white or yellow.

My next project will be the PHP elephant!

*plarn is yarn made from plastic bags. Here is a step by step tutorial how to turn plastic bags into plarn. Knitting with plarn keeps the plastic out of landfills and the ocean, and makes a durable, strong, attractive, and reusable bag that will prevent you from taking many more plastic bags. It also makes you THINK about plastic. I have gotten so I rely on others to provide me with raw material as I avoid getting new bags almost all the time! Do not knit with the latest compostable plastic. It is designed to break down. Use the bad old indestructable plastic.

13 comments to Tux Geekcraft Plarn Bag

  • Well a handbag is kinda acceptable. But I’d never wear this design on any piece of clothing. I’m not nerdy enough I guess.

  • admin

    You and my hubby. I sometimes wear a form fitting made-for-women classy T-shirt with a very small discrete Tux icon. I’m trying to decide whether I’d wear a refined version of this design on a hand knitted jumper (that’s a pullover in USA). I am definitely nerdly enough but I would have to have other factors to justify making one. I do not want a huge Tux on my belly, or on the back where no one looks. If I knitted the same gauge as the mittens the design could be put where the breast pocket would go, and it is just slightly larger than a pocket. The base colour couldn’t be white (that would be stunning but too hard to keep clean), and the rest of the ensemble would have to be really styling. I don’t look good in a lot of yellow, so perhaps the base colour could be tan, as it is for the bag.

    I am lucky in that I have a teenaged daughter as a fashion consultant. She will nix any idea that she thinks goes above and beyond ridiculous.

  • I love it. I have a laptop bag with that exact design and it’s awesome! Don’t be afraid of showing your inner nerd!

  • That is so cute…although i cant figure it out whatis that 😀

  • What a Nice blog. It’s so refreshing to see a blog on a simple subject made so interesting. I hope you continue to update with your lovely bags and creations. I honestly never realised that you could do so much with recycled fabric!!!

  • Narty

    Colleen, it’s not a comment but I couldn’t find contact info. Can you please delete my comment above?

  • Colleen

    I knitted a bag. You’re not missing anything. Whether you think it’s a joke or not is your call.

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  • Brilliant summary, this is some really useful info and point you got here.

  • The bag look nice Colleen…but I wonder about the duck though…it looks like its left foot has been shot or somethin’…

  • Colleen

    He’s a penguin, if that helps.

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