My Toonlet talk at Barcamp Melbourne

I gave a 3 minute “Lightening Talk” on a couple weeks ago at the end of a LUV meeting. I wasn’t sure it was appropriate, because I think of these folks as really brilliant high-powered geek gurus, and toonlet is just a web app that really dumb people can use. It doesn’t even have . . . → Read More: My Toonlet talk at Barcamp Melbourne

Captcha a la XKCD

This XKCD comes at just the right time for me. I’m struggling with an issue with the Captcha in Yii Framework. In case you didn’t know, the captcha is that slightly distorted codeword that you type into a computer program to tell it you’re a human being. Bots supposedly can’t read them…. Of course . . . → Read More: Captcha a la XKCD

A sample text widget

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