My Toonlet talk at Barcamp Melbourne

I gave a 3 minute “Lightening Talk” on a couple weeks ago at the end of a LUV meeting. I wasn’t sure it was appropriate, because I think of these folks as really brilliant high-powered geek gurus, and toonlet is just a web app that really dumb people can use. It doesn’t even have an API. ( If it did I would have been all over that months ago.) Anyway geeks probably wouldn’t be interested in the technical end of it cuz it’s all point ‘n’click. However, I figured it’s only three minutes. Turns out that, like everyone, geeks like to have fun especially when it involves computers in some way, so they were happy to be made aware of

Several of the same people were attending bar camp melbourne a few weeks later. I figured I’d just give another lightening talk but a couple of people asked me to give a full 30 minute demo of, so I hastily threw this together at the last minute. Unfortunately bandwidth was a bit of an issue. There were at least 30 laptops noshing on that network with the admonishment to “not be evil” but even with 30 laptops just idling it is not going to be fast for anyone. So I wasn’t able to demo the character creator.

We were lucky to have Avi Miller streaming video for us so that folks could attend bar camp remotely, and eventually everything got archived at

direct link:

You don’t have to look at my talking head, anyway. Any defects in the voice quality can be sourced to me organically, as I was suffering from a fierce head cold.

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