Google Voice “Call Me” Widget

One number to rule them all
I have just enabled Google Voice. So now you can call me without knowing my phone number. Now the benefits of being anonymous and invisible will truly come home to roost. Were I Scoble or somebody important, I could not post this widget in public because it would be crazy making. I do get visits, but I doubt many of them would have no reason to call me, other than to play with the widget. And if it gets even the slightest bit spammy I just take down this post and the spam ceases. No real numbers have been leaked.

How it works: When you click, you have to enter your own phone number. Google Voice calls this number and then connects you to me (or whoever the widget owner is) on the back end. Of course it’s only a matter of time before some clever developer cookies this phone number and prefills it the next time the same person clicks the widget on their site. This widget should be used with due diligence and care. Some obvious caveats apply. Without further ado, here is the Google Voice “Call Me” Widget:

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