Lolcatese — u lerns it or eatz mai dust sucka

Lolcatese — is it becoming the new internet pidgin? Perhaps first exclusively written language? Lolcatese is named after the acronym LOL, which is Textese for “laughing out loud.” Textese is a thing distinct from Lolcatese. The purpose of Textese is to transmit the message with the fewest number of keystrokes. Lolcatese and Textese have . . . → Read More: Lolcatese — u lerns it or eatz mai dust sucka

Ning makes top 20!

I nabbed this graphic off a-stat-a-day Did you know we have a ning site of our very own? So if you visited it before these stats were compiled, your visits were included in these stats. And if not, it’s not too late to join it!

. . . → Read More: Ning makes top 20!

A sample text widget

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