Adjix: Monetize your shrinkage

adjix-logo Is “shrinkage” ever a good thing? Actually, Jerry Seinfeld notwithstanding, yes! If you don’t know about shrinkage as it applies to the internet, learn the basics first , then come back and learn how to make money with it. I’ll wait.

There are rumblings that TinyURL, the oldest and probably most well-known URL shortener on the ‘nets, may not be the best link shrinker to use any more, mainly because you can’t track clicks.  There are many other free shorteners that allow you to track your clicks. gives you the option of monetizing your clicks as well. 

Adjix frames the target site and places a narrow white strip ad in the top frame.  The linker can choose the genre of ads from these options.  The visitor has the option of removing the ad  but he doesn’t have to in order to see the content. pays $0.10 CPM  when someone clicks in to  links you generated with their service, and $0.20 per click if someone actually clicks the ad.  (Note: These were the rates at this writing; obviously they are subject to change.)  Furthermore, adjix lets you cloak the fact that you are using adjix by doing a little DNS wizardry that is beyond the scope of this post.  The reason you would want to cloak is that there are a sizable number of web surfers, virtually all of whom have very high paying jobs, who believe that all advertising is evil, and on principle, will not visit a monetized link of any kind.     They really begrudge the fact that  a linker, who is likely un- or underemployed,  might earn a whopping $0.0001 from their click.

For an example adjix experience click or my cloaked version and see what my prize mole recipe on my other blog looks like with adjix on it.

Geeks:  I wrote a little adjix class called adjix.php to help people put adjix into their PHP web apps.  It is in PHP5. I’m done dumbing everything down for PHP4. If you’re still stuck on 4 you can dumb it down yourself. You can download the class, and here is a snippet of code you can use to call it.

$ur_email = ''; //YOUR_ADJIX_EMAIL;
$ur_cloakdom = ''; // YOUR_CLOACKING_DOM;  //it is optional
$ur_url = ''; // YOUR URL;

$adjix = new Adjix( $ur_email, $ur_cloakdom);
try {
    $answer =  $adjix->makeLink($ur_url,ADJX_Entertainment);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "caught exception " ,  $e->getMessage() , "n";

echo $answer;  // or do whatever with it!

I just wish Adjix would get in the 21st century and pay out via Paypal. Checks are sooooooo archaic!

6 comments to Adjix: Monetize your shrinkage

  • There are so many URL shorteners out now, this one’s really interesting! Stumbled and tweeted 🙂

  • Nice write up on us (very accurate and concise) and great PHP class to interface with Adjix. We greatly appreciate it.

    Nice job configuring your DNS – we’re hoping more people will see the value in branding their links with their domain names.

    I see you’ve crossed paths with some of die hard purists who dislike clicking on Adjix links, yet pepper their website with ads. That’s ok, though, since anyone can eject the ads on their end.

    Happy Holidays,

  • I’m logged in as Colleen, but it’s me, the hot dork. Glad y’all like it, and thx for the stumble, Andrea. Joe, if you want to share the class on your site that would be fine with me. I’d acid test it first. I cobbled it together pretty fast and ran it thru paces, and tho it’s fairly simple, even simple things can have bugs. I wonder what would happen if you tried to adjix a site that automatically breaks out of frames.

  • Great explanation.

    Another way to track URLs is by adding a tracking code onto the URL before it’s shortened. This will make things trackable by web analytics programs. Of course, this only applies to self-linking.

    Ed Kohlers last blog post..Car Buying: CarZen’s Recommendations

  • I don’t think I’ll need a ‘shrinkage’ if there was a chance that a url may not be able to do a track back. I like the adjix earnings though. Hope I could understand it quickly so I can sign up at once. Thank you for sharing.

  • Andrea,

    We plan to set up links to third party Adjix solutions from and we’ll link to your PHP code. Thanks for the offer.

    Sites that break out of frames will obviously break out of the Adjix ad frame. When creating links with ads, the Adjix ad frame waits about five seconds before recording the link view so that ad breaking sites don’t mistakenly get counted as a view.

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