Inane comments are history

This blog is a thinking person’s blog. Yeah, I know, that really limits the readership, but so be it. Akismet is very good at getting the obvious spam comments. It’s even started flagging comments where the robot just picks a tag out of the blog’s tags and autocomments a slightly more targeted statement generally related to the keyword, but not necessarily dialoging with the subject of the post. I guess the robots don’t check whether it’s a do-follow or not, they just post their crap everywhere that’s not blocked by a captcha in the hopes of hitting the do-follows. Then there are the actual human-submitted ones that are, in some cases, more inane than the robot-submitted ones.

Don’t post inane comments to this blog! I’ve had people contact me and ask why their comment didn’t get posted. It’s because it showed no sign of READING COMPREHENSION of the article. If you didn’t understand the article, ask for clarification on what you didn’t understand. Don’t say “I didn’t understand this article.” Say, “How did you get from A to B?” or I don’t understand why you said “bla bla bla.” Just blasting some tangentially related statement will no longer cut it. I’m looking for added value or dialog. If your comment does neither, it will be deleted, robot or not. I do not want to bore my readers with large amounts of useless and boring comments but PLEASE don’t make me do a CAPTCHA for comments.

5 comments to Inane comments are history

  • kevin

    Why so hostile?

  • admin

    I’m hostile to spammers. Aren’t you? And I guess one of the issues with geeks in the workplace is that our impatience with stupidity is perceived as hostility. However this is my blog, my territory, so fit in with your host’s style is what I’m saying. I just got done deleting a bunch of inane probably robot posts that akismet missed. Kind of like bringing your cello and your Mozart and your music stand to a rocknroll party. It just doesn’t fit. Just sayin’ don’t be inane. And your comment is good because it encourages dialog. 🙂

  • I dont understand this blogs.

    Only joking, I totally sympathise but have to say that a lot of the posts I read that on first appearance seem to be spam in fact just seem to be people with no actual education! How can you discriminate in these cases, where are the unintelligent supposed to air their views?!

  • admin

    You nailed it Sweet boy. To the unintelligent: I try not to hold your lack of intelligence against you but you gotta TRY. It’s like that joke about the guy who kept praying to God to make him win the lottery and finally God spoke to him in a cloud and said help me out Joe, buy a ticket.

    So I say REALLY READ the article if you want to engage in a dialog or make a comment, rather than just get a link. I quit doing dofollow because people would just make a comment to get a link rather than engage in intelligent dialog. I’ve been told I’m a pretty good writer and pretty good at explaining things. But some of the subjects I deal with are a bit technical and you have to read carefully.

  • When you order frogs legs at a restaurant what do they do with the rest of the frog ? – Well surely they just throw the rest of the frog away and take it to the tip.

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