OW! Zend Framework bit me OR Careful with that config

zf Ouch! I just solved a puzzling error in Zend Framework. It was telling me that I had an illegal file name. While the trace never did point to the exact line in my code that triggered it, it clearly had something to do with a PDO_SQL database.

I checked the database file and indeed the permissions were OK and the name of the file seemed as legal as anything else I had that worked.

What it turned out to be was that I used the wrong kind of quotes. Double quotes work, and also no quotes work. But don’t try to use single quotes (apostrophes) around a value in the config file. Here is the line in application.ini that caused the error:


resources.db.adapter         = 'PDO_SQLITE'

Here is the same config from another project that worked fine. To my eyes there was no difference between this one and the one before it. It’s not like I had variable interpolation in it or anything!!

resources.db.adapter         ="PDO_SQLITE"

And I got beyond this error and on to the next one by doing it thusly:

resources.db.adapter         = PDO_SQLITE

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