Be Helpful Toonlet Take 2: Gender Bender

Helpful Take 2

Helpful Take 2

My daughter claimed that the original “Be Helpful” toon unfairly targeted men as the perpetrators of unconscious assumptions about who would have geek mojo worth paying attention to and and who would obviously not, based on gender. Nope, not really. The perp in the first toon happened to be a guy, but just as often it’s a woman. You’d think that female professionals might be more sensitive to other professional women, but nope. See how the girl geek gets treated like an inconsequential piece of fluff. Anyway, recasting the perp as a female allowed me to have a little fun with the ending. Maybe if the geek girl dressed a bit more pompously she would get some respect. We’ll have to do that test some time.

Click here to see this toonlet in its full sized glory. If you wish to put it in your own blog, a linkback to is all I ask in return.

12 comments to Be Helpful Toonlet Take 2: Gender Bender

  • I agree! Good remark, I’ll do such test also ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hey Colleen,
    I believe in equal time, but I thought the first one was real funny… this one I didn’t really get (at least why it was funny). I’m also feeling old since I had to get close to my monitor and squint to be able to read the captions… but that just me, an ol’ fuddy duddy. Steve, trade show marketing

  • Sorry Steve I have to shrink them to that size to make them fit, though I think toonlet has ways to fine tune the frame control a bit better (like only 2 frames per row I’ve seen others do it and not sure how. I’ll try to rearrange the frames and see if that makes things any better.) If you click the toon it will pop up a bigger and much more legible version. I don’t get half the toons in toonlet.

  • Quite funny,most of us feel old when having problem to read or listining, don’t know exact about toonlet but may get helpful.

  • heh, thanks, got a smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. I am from Russia and i know that such situations are happening everyday in small towns that are 100-200 miles far from Moscow and other big cities.

    and thaks for toonlet URL, got it bookmarked.

  • Both clips are funny. But I like the first one better, maybe because there’s a dumb but know-it-all guy involved. haha… Thanks for this, it made me smile too.

  • This newb phenomenon is hardly a gender related issue. I work with dozens of people that simultaneously avoid learning anything about the Interwebnets while trusting it’s search results implicitly. It’s no wonder spam still exists.

  • great and thanks for the link to toonlet i was looking for a way to make own tunes.

    Will be very funny

  • Very funny cartoon. I agree with Rex too. They believe anything that comes up in search engines.

  • This cartoon make me very much smilly. But i think this cartoon also give some masseage to us.

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