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Ladies: a word to the wise: It may piss you off no end that noobs look at your boobs when you’re trying to flaunt your impressive geek mojo. But it only goes downhill from there. When you get old like me, y’ know, past 28 or so, THEY DON’T EVEN DO THAT! You might as well not even be there. Even if you have your CCNP, your MCSE, your CISSP and a MS in CS, as far as NOOBS are concerned, only guys could possibly have any tech savvy. Think about it.  The definition of NOOB is cluelessness.   It seems to me that there is a positive correlation between the degree of Noobness and the likelihood of the boob-gazing phenomenon, but of course I’d need to do a double-blind controlled psychological experiment to prove it.

Anyway, Kudos to Toonlet! I see they added a new feature: being able export the toon as a graphic that you can resize to fit your blog, instead of Craig’s earlier suggestion which was the other way around and just not feasible.   I still had to resize it manually, but hey, they have a resizing engine at Toonlet; it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to expect pretty soon that they will let you drag it to the size you want right on their site.   Now all they need to do is get a little more active stuff (legs, for example) and >1 character per frame and they’ll be ready for prime-time!

Click here to see this toonlet in its full sized glory and/or use their tools to embed it in your blog. (Or you could painfully scrape the HTML code out of here.) Either way, a linkback to is all I ask in return for permission to use it.

1 comment to Social Net Toonlet: Be Helpful!

  • This is Colleen, being too lazy to log in as the admin. I had a family member complain that this cartoon unfairly targets MEN as the sole perpetrators of sexist attitudes. I have to agree! We women are equally responsible for perpetrating sexism on ourselves and on each other. Look for a follow-up cartoon with the same theme, but with a woman in the role of the noob. Slightly different storyboard, but same end result for as far as the girl-geek is concerned.

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