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Mosaic MugAfter two pretty cerebral hard core posts in a row I’d better have something fluffy, but in a geeky way. So here you go — A Twitter Mosaic. If you have significant friends at all it generates a pretty hefty chunk of HTML code to slap into your blog.

They will put a reduced number of avatars on a mug or a T-shirt for you if you wish. In case you are wondering, yes, on the blog the little avatars link up to friends’ profile, but I’m pretty sure that the T-Shirts and the mugs don’t work that way. Besides, I wouldn’t really appreciate people poking me in the chest to see if the T-Shirt graphic would reload to Hackszine’s profile or something. Apparently the order in which the avatars appear is somewhat correlated with the order in which these folks friended you, so the longtimers are at the top. It would be nice if you could prioritize them. You can, however, click on any you don’t want and it will just delete them and shift the rest up one and add the next one in line. I deleted all the o_O’s because they are boring looking. However that didn’t seem to alter the HTML code and there was no update button. So the o_O’s are still there. That’s either a bug or a GUI blooper.

Here is mine just as they give it to you: Note that it doesn’t have all of my twitter friends, and it is not dynamic. When I figure out a way to make the thing self updating I’ll let you know.

Get your twitter mosaic here.

Here are my suggestions for enhancements:

  • Let the user swap any two avatars… that would be pretty simple.
  • For people with lots and lots of followers make the avatars smaller so more could be included. That would also be pretty easy.

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