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Tixrus (my Twitter moniker) gets retweeted on Twitter from time to time. According to Retweetrank, tixrus is the 84th percentile for retweets.

My theory is that it searches for @<your twitter name> and (“RT” or “Retweet”) because it doesn’t pick up when someone uses Tweet This to tweet something from Hot Dorkage. That suggests a test. To test my theory I changed the prefix text in Tweet This to “RT”. (Technically a tweet this IS a retweet, given that all Hot Dorkage blog posts automatically get autotweeted.) I’ll let you know if RetweetRank picks up Tweet This’s going forward.

The best thing about RetweetRank is they do a RSS feed of your retweets. That was the deciding factor for me in deciding to blog it. I put the RSS feed into yourminis generic rss widget, jazzed it up graphically a bit, and VOILA! More sidebar fodder!

3 comments to Retweet Rank RSS fun

  • Why all the buzz about twitter? Am I the only one that thinks its lame?

  • admin

    Not at all, dog health. Lotsa people (including me) think twitter can be an extremely lame time sink if not used strategically. Read my earlier posts on it. But as u say, it *IS* what the buzz is about and I *AM* about blathering about whatever people are interested in reading.

  • I too think twitter can be a huge time sink. However, it can also be used to bring attention to content on your website or find like minded individuals. For that twitter has its uses.

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