Creative Commons License your tweets

cc-attr-nc-saThis little TweetCC Twitter App makes it very easy for you to license your tweets, according to any of the various flavors of the Creative Commons License. All you do is press the button by your chosen flavor of creative commons, it tweets the appropriate message as a reply to @tweetcc, and then they will link to your twitterstream on their webpage.

Only about 400 people were in it when I signed up, (their first day), and at this writing it has doubled. I chose attribution noncommercial share-alike.  BY.NC.SA flavor means:  you may use/remix/derive from my twitter profile without asking permission as long as I get a link back, it’s noncommercial and you agree that anyone who remixes any part of your work that’s derived from my work must license it under these same terms.  I don’t like the idea of someone profiting off my twitter stream without sharing the money with me.  It’s a long shot but some day some clever person with more marketing savvy than I have will figure out how to aggregate twitter streams into some crazy-assed concoction that makes money.  If I had any idea what that concoction would be I would build it myself, but I’m not coming up with any brilliant ideas.

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  • It’s nice that this blog spends so much time on topics about Twitter, but it tends to go a bit into the extreme. It almost seems that one out of three posts is about Twitter (or a company who uses the Api of Twitter). We can almost call it the or something like that… Disappoints me a bit.

  • admin

    Well, Twitter is a popular topic, it brings the subscriber numbers up in the short term. And besides it’s so easy to goof around with it pretty much anyone can do it. But you are right about one thing I need to get serious and write some more long-tail hard core posts — those ones perform best over time. A good hard core post is worth a dozen of the little fluffy ones. 🙂 This particular post is really more about the CC license than it is about Twitter. The application I refer to is pretty trivial. But thanks for your vote for the serious stuff.

  • I have already read a lot of story about tweet here. Thanks for this new one. Actually license to your tweets is what make it clear for your authors and publishers.

  • Is it really got to do about the re-publishing stuff that it wants to avoid cuz I really am not able to exactly figure out that real idea of having a license in the first place…

  • admin

    That is what the post is explaining, it prevents commercial exploitation by making it explicit what u can and can’t do.

  • It will be hard to monetize tweet streams because so many tweets require contextual knowledge about the domain or what the author has been saying in previous days.

    Now I’m waiting for someone to take the CC content, remix it, and send it back through CC. Kind of like a continuous tweet feedback loop. All you need is a few dozen folks to do it.

  • admin

    Efusjon: Yes indeed, no one to my knowledge has figured out a good way to monetize the tweet stream, but just in case someone does I don’t want anyone making money off what I created.

    I believe the tweet stream has value to twitter as a huge datamine. If they can link up an individual’s interest mined from their tweets to relevant product they might be able to deliver good ad value, either on twitter or on other sites.

    There are already lotsa things that take tweetstreams and remix ’em. I don’t think they consider the CC status of the source streams though. Only when they actually start making serious $$ will anyone care.

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