XKCD Burma Shave

@sil tweeted this; blog post kind of an extended retweet:

This one from XKCD resonates with me. I’ll get some original content up here soon I promise. But meanwhile, this one is good. And if you’re old enough to actually have seen *REAL* burma shave signs leave me a comment about where and when you last spotted one.

By the way, I’ve been playing with some twitter tools lately. I haven’t figured out tweet deck yet. It runs really really slow. but I really like tweet track and Qwitter. Rather than bore myself reiterating it all, I’ll just embed my twitterstream for ya: I’ll even jazz it up with some fancy widgety presentation.

7 comments to XKCD Burma Shave

  • I have actually never seen a real Burma Shave billboard, but I do really like XKCD. I read a recent interview with him at the New Yorker, which I thought was pretty cool.

    I guess it stands to logic, but he sounds like a pretty funny guy to hang out with.

  • When I was very little I saw an actual burma shave sequence out on a little country highway in north central Kansas. I musta been about four and I think that was how I learned to read. It’s nice of XKCD to allow people to syndicate his stuff but also astute — I first made his acquaintence on someone’s blog.

  • XKCD is quite appealing as it matches with items that we use on a daily basis at times. It is a comic that is in with the current popular internet items and technological popularities. It sure is a quest to come up with that next meme.

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  • LMFAO! I haven’t seen a Burma Shave billboard before, but this would make for great advertising.

  • Never underestimate the staying power of a good Burma Shave ad!

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