Typealyzer — Psyche out that blog

Here’s an interesting little very soft-core bit of geekery: Typealizer.com. Toss the URL of any blog or twitter profile into it and it analyzes the writing and tells you what type the author is. According to Typealyzer my twitter stream is ISTP, while both this blog and my food blog come out ESTP. According to . . . → Read More: Typealyzer — Psyche out that blog

What type of personality are you?

Well there I am, summarized for all the world to see into a neat little bar graph. If you want to see how you stack up, go ahead and click the widget. It will take you to mypersonality.info where you can take the test yourself. It’s fun, fast and free and you’ll get a . . . → Read More: What type of personality are you?

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