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Here’s an interesting little very soft-core bit of geekery:  Typealizer.com.   Toss the URL of any blog or twitter profile into it and it analyzes the writing and tells you what type the author is.    According to Typealyzer my twitter stream is ISTP,  while both this blog  and my food blog come out  ESTP.   According to the official Meyers Briggs test, and a condensed online version,  however, I am INTP. Whence the discrepancy?

If you notice in the mypersonality.info blog post, (which is a test rather than an analysis,) results graph label the extremes, and you score somewhere between them.  Your label ends up being the dominant tendency, but the dominance may be stronger on some scales.  Note that my most ambiguous scale is between the S (sensing)  and the N (intuitive) , where on the online test I only fell 53% on the N side.  On the I(Introvert)/E(Extrovert) scale I fell and 63% on the I side.    Notice how the T and P tendencies are much more dominant for me on their respective scales.

I think just the mere fact that you have a blog and engage in twitter would tip you more toward the E end of the scale.  Most hard core introverts that I know have no interest in blogging and just don’t get Twitter at all.    I also think that the fact that blogs and twitters tend more to report on  things that you can see or hear would tend give a more S reading on the N/S scale across the board.  I suppose some people blog or tweet about their inner musings, and I certainly have plenty, but I’m just not inclined to share that with God-only-knows-who might stumble across my blog.

Of course you can analyze any blog or twitter stream with this tool, and see what type your friends are.   Most  of the twits that I tried came up ISTP’s and that may be an artifact of twitter, or it may be that that’s the type of twits I prefer to follow?

What is your Typealizer type?  Feel free to comment it here!  Any surprises?  What about your online friends?  Despite what Typealyzer says about my tweets and my blog, I believe at the core I am actually an INTP, as first measured.  I trust the original Myers-Briggs instrument way more than some little web app that should be taken with an extreme grain of salt.

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