Map Your Tweeple (twitter friends)

This is a yahoo pipe that gets fed my twitter name, goes to the public twitter feed, finds my “friends” who have provided geographical locations, and uses that data to map them. Yahoo pipes are amazingly visual ways to build mashups. If you don’t want to build your own, not to worry. There are many many published pipes that you can just use, the same way you use RSS feeds.

If you would like to blog this yourself here is the code:

<script src="" type="text/javascript" >     
     "pipe_id": "52c9a16ff593ec43760f996b6e6b5a16", 
     "width"  : "490px",  
     "pipe_params": {"username":"YOUR_TWITTER_NAME"},
     "height" : "400px"   

See Andy Murd’s blog for really nice step by step. A couple of caveats: If you use the get badge from Andy’s pipe, make sure you change Andy’s twitter name to your own. I would not recommend embedding Andy’s followers pipe in a blog because you would have to put your twitter password into the blog in clear. If you wish to do that, perhaps cloning it and setting your name/pass as a default is less risky; but even that is iffy, because, although you don’t embed it in your blog, pipes does ultimately pull your password and transmit it in the clear. On the other hand, people are pretty casual with their twitter passwords — they give ’em out to any third party who asks.

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