Back at the Zend Framework… finally!

Warning: HARD CORE DORKAGE!!!! I hope beyond all the hope that I have obtained the book that will drag me over the learning curve for Zend Framework for real. The book I am referring to, Zend Framework In Action by Allen, Lo & Brown, was meant to come out in September, but it finally . . . → Read More: Back at the Zend Framework… finally!

Free Virtual Geek Swag: 3-D Tux

Everyone loves a freebie, even geeks, who are notorious for their immunity to normal sales tactics. But not just any cheap fris–ah woops I mean flying disk–or boring white promotional T-shirt will do: to truly capture a geek’s heart it has to be the right schwag..

. . . → Read More: Free Virtual Geek Swag: 3-D Tux

Merge PDF’s into one with A-PDF

A-PDF offers several PDF utilities. Of interest today is a little utility called A-PDF Merger that will take a bunch of PDF files and merge them into one big one. You can actually do this by hacking the postscript code but life is too short. I think most of us would just want to say, . . . → Read More: Merge PDF’s into one with A-PDF

Print your Blog!

Get the <a href=”” mce_href=””>FeedJournal</a> widget and many other <a href=”” mce_href=””>great free widgets</a> at <a href=”” mce_href=””>Widgetbox</a>! Yes you read it right… Print your blog. Of course you could always just print the web pages, but this widget delivers my recent posts as a high res PDF, and it can do the same . . . → Read More: Print your Blog!

A sample text widget

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