Merge PDF’s into one with A-PDF

A-PDF offers several PDF utilities. Of interest today is a little utility called A-PDF Merger that will take a bunch of PDF files and merge them into one big one. You can actually do this by hacking the postscript code but life is too short. I think most of us would just want to say, “here take these 17 short PDF’s and convert them into one big one.”

A-PDF's application window

A-PDF's application window

It is very easy to use — just open its window, tell it what files you want to use, put them in the order you want and say merge. You can even pick and choose certain pages of any source document, or interleave two documents.

A-PDF products are try-free-ware. You can use it free as long as you don’t mind the watermark. For professional use, this little utility is not expensive. (I don’t blog the exact price because such things can go out of date if they raise it.) Download here, and happy PDF-ing. (PS: They also have other utilities too, including one that will unprotect a protected PDF. )

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