Move over Dilbert…. uh… (sort of)

I was just surfing around the startupalooza website for who’s coming to Portland and I ran across the toonlet site. I remember writing a Mr. Potato head stack in Hypercard many years ago and it was a lot of fun. I’d seen others as well, desktop toys for Windoze and Mac, all along the . . . → Read More: Move over Dilbert…. uh… (sort of)

Pimp your Blog with Blogrush Part I

Blogrush is an interesting concept that is intended to mix up the gene pool a bit with regard to blogs. You place your blog in a category and then you put your own custom widget for that category on your blog. The widget has links to other blog posts in your category. Every link . . . → Read More: Pimp your Blog with Blogrush Part I

Feed Blitz Chiclet

FeedBlitz Chiclet: What is FeedBlitz? And what is a chiclet (or chicklet, as it is sometimes spelled?) FeedBlitz is an outfit that creates and manages a subscription list for your blog FREE. And the term “chiclet” has come to mean any web third party dynamic thing that does interesting Web 2.0 stuff on the . . . → Read More: Feed Blitz Chiclet

Dilbert Widget

I *LOVE* Dilbert. People who do not work in companies do not realize how true Dilbert is, and it doesn’t even have to be a very big company. The instant you have one person in an organization who does not behave rationally, it’s all over. For example, going to all the bother of hiring . . . → Read More: Dilbert Widget

A sample text widget

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