Feed Blitz Chiclet

FeedBlitz Chiclet: What is FeedBlitz? And what is a chiclet (or chicklet, as it is sometimes spelled?) FeedBlitz is an outfit that creates and manages a subscription list for your blog FREE. And the term “chiclet” has come to mean any web third party dynamic thing that does interesting Web 2.0 stuff on the back end. Usually a chicklet is visually enhanced by placing it in or on a 3-d background resembling an old-fashioned chiclets brand of gum. Chiclets has been acquired by Cadbury Adams, in case you’re interested. How it works: You tell Feedblitz the feed address for your blog. They provide a mechanism whereby people can request a notification via email –anonymously if they want!– whenever the blog is updated. Feed Blitz also supports other notification methods as well, as it turns out.

I know email isn’t very sexy, but it’s a lot easier to get a non techie’s head around email than RSS. “Get notified by email when this blog is updated” is something most people can understand. I know the youngsters are abandoning traditional email in favor of texting and IM, but the oldsters (35+) still use email, and I wouldn’t want to leave that demographic in the dust.

Here’s the Geeky part:  What I did was steal the styles and layout that FeedBlitz uses for their little info panels and put their code on one.  Go ahead, give it a whirl and subscribe. You can always unsubscribe if you don’t like it. No hard feelings.

I just found out another thing about the Feedblitz email. It actually contains a link in the email to a place that will read the article out loud (in a robot voice) for you, courtesy of Talkr. Well, I successfully captured the links, but there’s even an easier way: If you sign up at talkr.com you can get it automatically installed at the beginning of each blog post. also radio.talkr.com allows you to have audio of all your posts.

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