HubPages: A paying outlet for your verbal diarrhea

Want to know a little secret about bloggers? We bloggers all have a bad case of verbal diarrhea! We just can’t stop spouting off and we all like an audience. Since we’re all doomed to suffer from this malady, we might as well get paid something while we suffer from it.

The downside to blogging . . . → Read More: HubPages: A paying outlet for your verbal diarrhea

Make your blog mobile friendly

Always those pesky mobiles and the lack of standards for them. Bleah! I looked into mobile support for web a year ago. If you think web browser CSS support is flaky, it goes double for mobiles.

However, I can envision mobile professionals wanting to chill out and browse blogs on their handhelds while they wait . . . → Read More: Make your blog mobile friendly

A sample text widget

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