fb_xd_fragment Facebook Bugfix

My server suddenly logged a rash of weird requests with something like ?fb_xd_fragment= in the URL. This is not good, because if you try this manually it renders a blank page, and blank pages are BAAAAAAAD! So upon googling I found it’s a bug with new Facebook API and (you guessed it) Internet Exploder. Here . . . → Read More: fb_xd_fragment Facebook Bugfix

Memcached Test

Warning: Hard Core Dorkage!

Here’s a little simple memcached test you can have to test memcached on your system. I am working on an app that, while the server load is not huge, the datasets that you are presenting to a visitor are larger than normal for a web app, and so I ultimately plan . . . → Read More: Memcached Test

A sample text widget

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