RSShugger: a clever way to get publicity

RSShugger is yet another blog directory I have found. It’s not Web 2.0 — it’s pretty old school and refreshingly simple. Hey not everything has to be a widget. Rsshugger is not huge yet but I predict they’ll grow. They request an honest review, so here it is: The usability issues I see are that 1) the control panel link is not a top tab. It’s up at the upper right ONLY and I had to look for it a little. 2) sometimes it’s not spelled out what’s going on and the verbiage leaves the casual reader in the dark. I can imagine what the backend of this looks like and figure it out, but to most people the back end of a website is a mystery. 3) when you submit your blog feed it isn’t at all obvious that anything happened because it reposts the same page. And another thing is that they toss register links on the pages displayed to the already registered. But these glitches aren’t hard to iron out and I’m sure Rsshugger will evolve.

Gee, I’m thinking, what a trend! Maybe I should make my own blog directory on the theory that sometimes you can make more money selling pans to prospectors than you will prospecting yourself. On the other hand, I think this whole “make money off your blog” thing is a fad that has already peaked. 10 years ago everybody was trying to “make money off your website.” Essentially the same ideas were used, only now, with Web 2.0 it’s easier. If truth be told blogs are nothing but websites, when you get right down to it. A few folks will make lots of money, the rest will quickly get sick of not making money and give up. As for me, I just want reads when you get right down to it. When all these wannabe blog tycoons go away, that will leave the rest of us focus on the core of blogging, which is really just a 21st century way to have a journal. Anyway, it’s easy to join Rsshugger and we’ll see how it “pans” out. [Horrible pun, I know, totally intentional.]

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