Sarah Palin Answer Oracle

Wow a Sarah Palin Answer Generator!! I had a lot of fun playing with Sarah Palin sound bites this morning, then I whipped up this little program to crank out Sarah Palin speeches. This audio player creates a genuine unique Sarah Palin answer to any question you might wish to ask. You don’t have . . . → Read More: Sarah Palin Answer Oracle

Win 2000 EC: Elect Dork President of the Blogosphere


The other day I got to thinking, why shouldn’t I be the President? Maybe I could be president of the blogosphere….. OK….. Since I’m now a politician I have act like one and promise you GREAT things. Your weenie will grow so big you’ll have to coil it up like a . . . → Read More: Win 2000 EC: Elect Dork President of the Blogosphere

Blog Engage & Blogatiser: forkage?

I’ve recently encountered two metablog sites, Blog Engage and Blogatiser. One of them specifically requested a review. What is striking about these two sites is how similar they are. Pretty much everything I say here applies to both sites unless specifically noted otherwise. If I were still a computer science lecturer, I’d think these two . . . → Read More: Blog Engage & Blogatiser: forkage?

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