Dojo toolkit wrapper

I’ve been finding lately that my simplest blog posts grow the longest tails. So here is one for all you dojo toolkit users or wannabe’s. I started seeing the following in dojo scripts that I hadn’t seen before, and couldn’t find any specific comments about it.

;(function(d,$){ /* your code here */})(dojo, dojo.query)

The . . . → Read More: Dojo toolkit wrapper

A hack for my Hubpages fans

This is a prototype expression of thanks in the form of Linky LUV in appreciation of my fans over on Hub Pages It randomly displays one of their widgets right here in an IFRAME. This has been upgraded so it will do anybody’s fans, not just mine. If you don’t like the looks of the . . . → Read More: A hack for my Hubpages fans

A sample text widget

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