Open Source Tux Geek Penguin Mittens

Your faithful dork recently had to be hospitalized for surgery. Everything went well and full recovery is expected, but I did get a midline incision that incapacitated my core until it heals. You use your core for EVERYTHING, so that nasty little side effect could not clear up too soon!

While convalescing I . . . → Read More: Open Source Tux Geek Penguin Mittens

wsdl2php Web Services Proxy Class generator

Warning: This is hardcore dorkage, not some soft core widget for your blog. You have been warned. Go browse Youtube cat videos now if your brain is easily overwhelmed.

. . . → Read More: wsdl2php Web Services Proxy Class generator

A Capella Tribute to John Williams

A truly creative piece of Youtubery. And come on, this is very very geeky, and the geek actually has a nice voice!

I can do magic — Can you?

another offering from our friends at xkcd. Ha! I wish I could say

“sudo clean your frakkin’ room!” to my offspring! “sudo” is as close to a magic spell as it gets.

Be nice to your System Admin

My plans to post a Geeky Goodness series on Zend Framework have been delayed by….. well, let’s just call it a “situation.” I have no desire to turn this blog into one of those collections of embedded third party videos that is otherwise content free. But once in a while I find one that fits . . . → Read More: Be nice to your System Admin

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